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Law of Abstraction

Law of Abstraction

All known references to The Law of Abstraction by Alice A. Bailey (AAB) in her voluminous writings and those given to her by Djwhal Khul (DK).

I have earlier told you that you are being trained to work with thought-form creating processes. Hence, another reason for the long hours by yourself which characterize your life at this time and which will be expressive of your days for the remainder of your life. To this desire of your soul you must happily reconcile yourself. Because of this planned training – planned with the consent of your soul and of me, your Master – you are already peculiarly susceptible to group thought-forms; you must learn increasingly to work under the influence of the Law of Abstraction.

When the Law of Abstraction is wielded consciously by you from within the Ashram, you will discover that it has (as it might have been expected) various meanings and policies which will function on the different planes of consciousness, such as: