Law of Concretion

Below is the only known reference to the Law of Concretion by Alice A. Bailey (AAB) in her voluminous writings and those given to her by Djwhal Khul (DK). Links on these pages of the Laws of Alice A. Bailey are to the online books at the Lucis Trust website.

For a discussion of what AAB means by a “law” please see  Alice A. Bailey – What is a Law?

I seek to deal with a very important point here, emphasising the close connection between Agni, the sumtotal of the life force of the logoic threefold personality, as He is seen at work on the mental plane (which closely concerns man), and that manifesting driving force or intelligent will which emanates from the cosmic mental plane. There is a very interesting series of correspondences to be worked out here and we might briefly indicate the lines to be followed in this connection by the ensuing tabulation:

The 5th cosmic plane

The cosmic mental.

The 5th systemic plane

The mental plane.

The 5th subplane of the physical

The gaseous.

The 5th principle


The 5th Law

Fixation, the Law of Concretion.

The 5th Ray

Concrete knowledge.

The 5th round

The round of manasic attainment.

The 5th root-race

The Aryan. Mental development.

The 5th sub-race

The Teutonic and Anglo-Saxon. Concrete mind.

The 5th group of Devas

Fire Devas of the mental plane.

The 5th Manvantara

Three-fifths of the manasaputras achieve.

The 5th scheme

The Lord of concrete science.

The 5th Mahamanvantara (or solar system)

The solar Logos achieves His fifth major Initiation.

The 5th chain

Principal evolution—fire devas.

The 5th Hierarchy

The greater Builders.

Vibrations of fifth order


A Treatise on Cosmic Fire , 1. THE RULER OF FIRE—AGNI.



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